Firstly…sorry I haven’t been on for a week, Jamie had some time off work so we had some lovely family time – I will start the Letter activities tomorrow again 🙂 Today however….the kids are having a nap so I am starting something new…again! This time…as ever….I am blaming my wonderful partner in crime Kayley!! She has the amazing ability to do anything she puts her mind to, then I decide I want to try! hehe This week she decided to try crochet!!

She has uploaded some amazing photos to her Facebook page, I as ever saw them and deicded I wanted a go 🙂 So I bought some hooks half price!! HERE which will be here tomorrow or Saturday 🙂 Thankfully I have a load of wool left over from when I went through a knitting phase, I enjoyed it but I couldn’t make anything as good as my mums and quickly gave up lol 🙂

Here are some lush pics of Kayleys work…..





and my absolute favourite………..



All of these and more can be ordered from her Facebook page HERE!!

So…I’m off to order some more crochet bits & find some patterns online I want to make 🙂 Exciting 🙂

Love to you all!! xx