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Hello, Emma here!!

I have had so many people asking me how I do my couponing every week so I have decided to add a list of the pages, apps & sites i use as well as trying to upload some links for you to go directly to the latest coupons 🙂

I was inspired to start by Kayley who introduced me to the US series of Extreme Couponing, we went out and bought our own folders, a stack of paper and ink & began….

Firstly, I have some websites I check for coupons, these are regularly updated by other people including the wonderful Jordan Cox, known for his hue coupon shopping trips. Most involve printing coupons directly so make sure you have your printer, ink, paper etc ready. You will be asked to download software to print them if you have not done so before, just to make sure your coupons are legal & valid.  I have added links for you, simply click the names. My most used sites are:

Extreme Couponing UK – Jordan Cox’s Facebook page, updated with his latest finds, other people finds that are added to the posts & lists of places with the latest offers, worth liking and checking regularly. Many comapnies now use their Facebook pages to give away Coupons, usually by liking the page and clicking on Download Coupon, they go straight to your printer – WORTH NOTING – If you print off a safe coupon online, use the backspace key once it has printed and you can print a 2nd completely valid coupon! Each one has a special code given only to you to ensure you are not photocopying coupons and using more than once, these will give 2 separate codes so can both be used.

Super Savvy Me – Sign up to download a variety of coupons for big name P&G brands including cleaning products, feminine products, beauty and pet foods. Simply add the coupons to your “basket” that you wish to print and they print off in sheets for you. These are updated every month or so, each can be printed once per email address.

Caring Everyday –  Johnson & Johnsons own site, espceialy for their own brand coupons. Sign up & choose which coupons you would like to use, send to printer. Simple 🙂

I tend to Google new coupon sites randomly as new ones come along all the time, my latest favourites are Freebie Hunters & Free Stuff which both have lists of the latest online coupons, many on Facebook and companies websites that are ready to print.

Bzz Agent & The Orchard – These are the 2 im signed up with.  You complete surveys regularly and are picked for their campaigns. Basically they send you either freebies to  test or coupons to buy the products in store.  I have had items such as Tesco Finest Chocolate,  Always Ultra And Heinz Baby Food. You test them and complete their feedback either via Facebook, Twitter, Blog etc. The more you do them more likely you are to get more sent. Hopefully I will have more to blog about from them soon.

Offline there are also many ways to get coupons. I shop mainly in Tesco with my coupons, Asda will take them but I have had issues with them accepting printouts, Morrisons & Sainsburs also take Coupons but I have neither near me! Tesco send coupons in the post of you own a clubcard, these can also be printed off online on your clubcard account and of course used with clubcard points. They also have instore magazine which contain 2 pages of coupons as well as various company coupons through the magazine, worth picking up a few i you see them instore, they can be printed off from their online magazine but saves ink if you have the mags 🙂

You can also write to companies. on the packing to products there is an address, (usually Freepost) to send them feedback. They may also have a feedback button on their website, you can of course send an email to them raving about their priodcuts, complaining or suggesting improvements etc but I find writing a letter gets a better response. Many companies I have emailled have simply replied with an email, written they tend to write back , usually popping a few coupons inside with it. My 3yr old daughter even sent a letter to her favourite companies, written by mummy of course but with a beautiful drawing from Deryn at the bottom, – She recieved a £2 Jaffa Cake coupon! Some do not have freepost addresses but I have found its woth th 60p stamp to get up to £5 back from them in coupons 🙂

Cashback is another option. I am signed up with both TopCashBack & Quidco as they both offer different rates of cashback for different websites. Any shopping I do online I do through one of these first. Easy to do, simply go on to either site and check the cashback rates for where you are shopping, pick the best and it will take you to the website you wish to buy from. Do your shopping as normal and they cashback will be tracked and added to your account.

To smartphone users you can download both of those as apps as well as some especially for in store shopping. Search on your app store for apps such as Checkout Smart & Shopitize. These work by offering you money back on items you buy in different stores. You imply buy the item, scan it with your phone then upload a photo of your receipt and they add the money back to your account. Worth checking before your food shops, sometimes items are offered Free!!

So after this you should have a good selection of printed coupons, posted coupons and cashback items too….Any questions please message me, I will update the post if new websites can be added 🙂

Emma xx




One thought on “Couponing Intro

  1. Fab info. Have just bookmarked a few sites and printed a few coupons. It’s been years since I have been a coupon addict but I think I am due a return 😀


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