Morrisons £5 Coupon!!

Hello! Sorry for being so quiet yesterday….our internet went down…for a whole day!

We decided to have a whole day out yesterday bargain hunting! On Thursday we managed to buy a stack of The Sun newspapers as they had £5 coupons on them for fruit & veg in Morrisons –


I had read so many posts on Facebook and Hotukdeals with people complaining about greed – I bought 1 newspaper in the morning in tesco, when I got home we checked Co-op and they had loads left so we got a few more….when Jamie got home he cleared the shelves 15mins before they shut. Lots of people had trouble picking up the papers but thankfully we live in a quiet village so there were plenty left for us 🙂

So…armed with our stack of coupons in my purse we headed off to Morrisons 🙂 May people think shopping with kids is boring or unfair on them – it depends how fun you make it! Deryn (who is 3) helps us find things on shelves, she chooses things that she would like, learns about money and counting etc – so we had a fun time working out what we wanted with out coupons – Ashton just like sitting in the trolley!

So after filling our trolley with yummy goodies for our weeks shopping, Jamie headed off to the self scan with £5 worth of food. The coupons stated it was £5 off and that a purchase was required – however as many people noticed the £5 came off as long as something in the shop was fruit & veg. We always spend at least £15 a week on fruit & veg anyway, I cook all meals from scratch so we have a lot of food here 🙂

The lady working on the self scans was lovely! She took our coupons with no problem and by the 9th one was laughing along with us as we split the hopping up into £5 transactions 🙂 Sometimes coupon shopping can be time consuming (this week we were very low on food shopping money though so the transactions were all worth it to get our family some yummy food this week) but in my opinion its completely worth it. My fridge, freezer and cupboards are stacked with yummy food – all costing us less than £5 with the few pence we went over each time and the cost of the Sun at 40p each 🙂


Our first lots of receipts 🙂 We bought such a variety of food for us all. Neither of our children go to nursery/pre school yet so we have 3 meals a day here, and we do lots of baking etc. Today I have planned a massive Roast Dinner for the family – All Free!

In all we had £65 of free food, meaning I now have some extra pennies to go towards fixing my car windscreen!

We got home, put away the fridge and freezer food and went straight back out again – busy day for us!

Saturdays are our local bootsale day – I grew up going to bootsales every single weekend with my mum & dad. Fuf (my dad) would have us all ready to go early and we would either go to sell or find some bargains. I absolutely love going with my family now. Jamie is a bargain hunter too and in my opinion if I can get something cheap because someone else owned it first then I would rather wait! The kids have huge amounts of toys they love that cost us next to nothing – when they go to nursery/school they will be playing with toys that many other kids have played with, same at friends houses so why not? 🙂

We managed to get some lush Next clothes for Ashton for 10p each – most new too! Deryn was given a peppa pig hat (which she hasnt taken off since!) by a nice lady who also gave Ashton a teddy 🙂 Deryn also got some sparkly Minnie Mouse shoes for 50p! I got some lush Roxy skate shoes for £1 and my hospital suitcase (I don’t have a hospital bag…even after having 2 children! lol) for only £3! Then on the last look round we also found Harry Potter Scene It for £1! As you may know we LOVE board games in my house, and Harry Potter!! Deryn loves looking around at the boot sale and by then end she can run around in the field with Ashton 🙂

After a busy day out we came home to put away our bargains for the day and sit down together for a lush Curry Night – I love maing homemade curry for us all as its such a cheap meal and the kids love having snacks, naans and poppadoms everywhere!

So……that was our bargain day! I just had to share it with you all as we were so pleased with our coupon shopping 🙂

Off to prepare some veg now ready for our family roast 🙂 I will be updating the blog late this week as the kids are off to stay with Nanny tomorrow so Jamie and I can go out for our 1yr meal and go to the cinema 🙂

Love to you all 🙂

Emma xx



Cashback, Car Insurance and a Cuppa!!

Hello!! Emma here…again hehe

So I thought I would share my bit of money saving for the day, I am on a major cut back attempt with our household bills, saving up for baby number 3 in September….so today’s task…Car Insurance!!

For many years now I have trawled through compare sites for car insurance, I am a sucker for deals and bargains as you all know so I want to make sure I get the best price 🙂 I enjoy lounging around in my pj’s cuppa in hand with a few biscuits saving money!! This time though before checking any of my quotes I went through TOPCASHBACK first……..

I have been through so many cars in the past few years, changed addresses over & over…so at the moment the insurance on my car is £60 a month…its only a T Reg Fiesta (Retro I know…also not big enough for 3 kids….) but due to fees they have added for adjustments its gone up…oh and I turned 25 this year (woop woop…hang on…I’m 26 in July…urgh!!) as well as getting my 4th year no claims!!

So Firstly to Topcashback….go through Go Compare and earn my first £2.22……so not a massive amount of money but enough for 3 packs of johnsons wipes with a few pennies back…..and added all my details….my insurance results pop up on the screen and…….WOOHOO!! £30 a month!! That’s an extra £30 a month I will have towards bills, debts & baby stuff… for

Again going through Topcashback gives me £2.32 in cashback….(maybe I could get a nappies with that along with a pampers £1 coupon….) Same prices pop up which means for the 1st time I will have fully comp insurance…and be saving £30 a month…and I got my few quid cashback just for checking 🙂

A quick search of Topcashback also shows I will get an extra £35.35 for going through them to get my car insurance quote…..not bad for a few extra clicks eh 🙂


and there is the beautiful Frankie Fiesta…..with some pretty impressive parking done by me….haha! Thankfully the pink steering wheel cover didn’t add anything onto my quote 😉 Although even the guy at the recycling centre asked if I wanted it removed last week…..

Next challenge…reducing my sky bill!!

Emma xx

Curry Night!! oh and a fab coupon!!

Good Morning!! Emma here….

So this bank holiday weekend Kayley had a family curry night…very jealous that I was 200 miles away…..


As ever she sent me photos and I decided I fancied curry this week, my daughter Deryn LOVES curry nights and as Jamie works evenings through the week we don’t get many evening meals together…so Saturday im making curry!! Well….first thing of course is to find coupons…and I found this one…….


Firstly make sure your printer is on as it prints automatically…secondly…it prints time & time again so can be used more than once 🙂 Perfect for offers such as the stir fry sauces at Tesco being 2 for £1…use 2 coupons and get the for 20p each 🙂

If you need any help with your couponing check out our intro link in the menu….I should have explaining everything there or drop us a message here or on our lovely new facebook page 🙂

Emma xx