20 Day Home Challenge…..Catch up!

Hello! Emma here…..

So….the 20 Day Home Challenge….I had a few days off for Deryn’s 3rd birthday….been so busy baking, playing & having fun 🙂
Today I decided to randomly pick my hallway to do to get me back in the mood for decluttering 🙂

The main hallway was filled with shoes, coats, buggies, bags & an alternator to a car scrapped 3 months ago…..
It was a struggle to get in the house & instantly made me miserable walking in……

So we bought 2 sets of coat hooks, one for me & Jamie & a lower down one for the kids, a shoe rack & a key rack in tge shape of a key….no more toddlers hiding keys in this house!!

The end result……


Taken from the lounge looking towards the door, it looks empty coming in now which is lovely!! 🙂

Organised, tidy & no more tripping over alternators…..

Emma xx


20 Day Home Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Main Bedroom

After a busy day planning Deryn’s 3rd birthday this was done a little late. Today’s task was the Main bedroom…my clothes dumping ground, honestly its like a cemetry for abandoned clothes that fitted over 5yrs ago…not so much since having my children but i’m so determined they will fit me soon….

So the cleaning begins, stripping the bed, hoovering, dusting, tidying the drawers & my dressing table….then putting away clothes…I am amazed how much nicer it feels being in this room now 🙂


Turns out I have a carpet under that paperwork….as well as under the clothes…..



Much easier to walk around the bed now….



as well as get in the room…


So that’s my room!! Managed to get rid of a lot of clothes…seriously I’m never going to be a size 10 again…if I do I will buy new clothes haha I have 2 baskets of washing ready to put on & space for a cot in September 🙂

Emma xxx

20 Day Home Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 – The Kitchen

My folder is made, 20 days of tasks ready to be completed. My cleaning cupboard is stacked, tubs and storage bought and a lotf of black bags! Today we start with The Kitchen!! I have added a link to the orginal page so help you out, she lists her ideas for cleaning, decluttering and organising as well as igving you something to do for 5 minutes only and a new habit you can start 🙂

So today I cleaned my kitchen sink area, the worktops, cupboard doors and the window sill. My boyfriend cleaned the walls as im too short and pregnant to climb up and reach 🙂 Also our microwave was broken….haha.



I rearranged the kitchen worktops, putting items in the cupboards that are not used often – since taking these photos the microwave has gone to the skip & a new one put in its place 🙂



I organised under my sink area, there is a lot of Fairy Liquid under there…it was 50p in Asda…how could I leave it there? 🙂


Much better eh? I sorted out my childrens bookcase, they have a lot of books! I have to say I felt a lot better after Day 1 alone, the kitchen is used daily as we have all our meals together as a family, its no longer a dumping ground for junk mail and random hairbands 🙂

Emma xx



ViP Background#

Hello everyone!! Emma Here, Welcome to our new blog 🙂

We will be updating regularly with our latest crazy ideas to impress our kids & blokes….as well as make ourselves feel like the ultimate housewives, baking, saving money, decorating, cleaning & whatever else we randomly come up with!

Today I’m going to be updating you with the 1st few days of my 20 Day Home Challenge, my attempt at decluttering, organising and cleaning my 3 bedroom Cornish home and showing you all the Frozen inspired cake I made for my Daughter’s 3rd birthday….never a dull moment 🙂

Kayley is today planning for a Family Curry night she has arranged for tomorrow….

We hope you enjoy our attempts at becoming the ultimate housewives 🙂