Letter R

Hello Everyone!!

So Today’s letter as chosen by Deryn was…R!

Firstly I was tempted to put my Rainbow DVD’s on (Everyone loves Zippy right?!) But I managed to stop myself…..Deryn likes Zippy and has cuddly toys of him, she even recognises him on my pj’s….but I let her watch Nick JR & Disney Channels instead šŸ™‚

But on the subject of Rainbow…we decided to paint some rainbows first šŸ™‚

10469710_1521981594691152_4707262360314575643_n 10489740_1521981611357817_5288285438341221108_n 10475835_1521981704691141_4349441706667590989_n

We had lots of fun talking about the colours of the rainbow and how to make them. Lots of beautiful pictures were painted and hung up on the line to dry.

Both kids then fell asleep which gave me time to plan their lunch…..this bit I really enjoyed!!



Ashton had a jam sandwich rocket, Deryn had a ham sandwich rocket. They were decorated with 2 types of cheese, radish & cucumber. The Flames coming out of them is Macaroni Cheese – absolute bargain in Asda at 20p for a box that is made up with milk….yummy!!! and to finish I cut out some grape stars….fiddly but looked fab!!

Both of them tried the radish but left them, I’m just happy they tried them…the rest was gobbled up!! (Literally by Aston who barely took bits of his rocket….pretty much ate it whole!)

10480150_1521981634691148_5639089772715988637_n 10468643_1521981664691145_7177553219584117347_n

In the afternoon we played for a while and decided to bake some Rainbow cupcakes! Ashton played with his cars and roads in the lounge while Deryn got baking.


She told me every ingredient that we needed – including the baking powder! Such a little baker šŸ™‚ Then we followed the recipe I have used on here previously.


The difference this time is that we split the cake mix between 4 bowls once it was whisked and added food colouring to each bowl – Pink, Green, Yellow & Purple!


They would have been much brighter but we only had a few liquid food colourings here – Will be trying out some gels and other liquids soon to make a bright rainbow cake!


Deryn then decorated them with Rainbow hundreds & thousands, Rainbow sprinkles & Rainbow jellies!


10516609_1521981428024502_1462410319764883454_n 10487577_1521981404691171_9065643962365608275_n

Subtle colours inside but I think they look fab and I have to say they taste divine.


Nom nom nom!!

These were very much enjoyed after Dinner….which I decided to give a R theme too….


Sausages are a firm favourite here….The sweet potato mash was an attempt at getting Deryn to eat Mashed Potato….it almost worked!

So lots of R themed fun today, yummy meals….only one way to end the day once they were in their Pj’s….


Room on the broom was Deryn’s ultimate favourite, we used to watch it almost every night, then we bought her the book too, Ashton loves the Dragon! So we snuggled up to watch it, while turning the pages of the book too…perfect end to our day šŸ™‚

Just before bed Deryn had the choice for tomorrow…..she chose…..O!

We are going to see Nanny & Granny tomorrow and have lots planned so I will update tomorrow evening for you all šŸ™‚

Emma xx



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