Baking Cupcakes with Deryn :)

Hello followers!! Emma here! 

So as you all know we love baking here at The Not So Perfect Housewives…any excuse for cake! Today the weather was just too hot for playing outside. I’m not one to moan about the nice weather but we have a backyard completely enclosed with no breeze coming through….so we decided to bake indoors until it cooled down outside 🙂

Today’s recipe came from one of my many cupcakes books – Neapolitan cupcakes!!

You will need:

140g Self Raising Flour, 1/2 tsp Baking Powder,  140g Softened Butter, 140g Caster Sugar, 2 large eggs – beaten, 1tsp Vanilla Extract, 1tbsp Milk & 1tbsp Cocoa Powder (made into a paste with 1 1/2 tbsp hot water!)

I put all the ingredients out for Deryn ready for her to bake 🙂 In her lovely apron 🙂


Cheesy grin 🙂 

First sift the flour & baking powder into a large bowl….


Then add the butter, caster sugar and eggs….




Then give them all a good mix! I used an electric mixer after Deryn had a little go herself 🙂

Next is the fun bit! Split the mixture between 2 bowls – then add the vanilla extract and milk to one of the bowls and the cocoa powder paste to the other and give them both a lovely mix. You now have vanilla and chocolate cupcake mixes to use. Add your cupcake cases to the tin – Ashton chose the hearts this time 🙂 


Then add alternative scoops of each mix into the cases 🙂 No need to be neat – They look fab with lots of different splodge of choc & vanilla in them!


Pop them in the oven on 180 degrees (350f or Gas Mark 4) for 15-20 mins – ours were ready after 15mins as we have a fan oven but keep an eye on them.


Baked and looking yummy – We let them cool down while the kids went outside to play. We were going to make up some buttercream of our own but decided to try Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream Icing 🙂 The tub can be popped back in the fridge for up to 30 days afterwards so we can make more yummy cakes this month too! Deryn chose 4 different decorations from our crazy amount of Tesco, Asda & Dr Oetker decorations we have collected – many on offer recently from as little as 25p! 


She chose Hundreds and thousands which we popped in a bowl so she could dip the cupcakes in them, mini marshmallows, hearts & butterflies! They looked fantastic!!


So – the final verdict……


Ashton gave it a sticky thumbs up….scoffed the lot 🙂


Deryn ate all hers….as well as Daddy who chose the biggest one for himself 🙂



I love the swirly choc/vanilla mix – by far my favourite cupcake recipe to date – it was soft and moist, they lastest less than 24hrs with the 4 of us 🙂 Will be making more for sure!

Emma xx



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