20 Day Home Challenge…..Catch up!

Hello! Emma here…..

So….the 20 Day Home Challenge….I had a few days off for Deryn’s 3rd birthday….been so busy baking, playing & having fun 🙂
Today I decided to randomly pick my hallway to do to get me back in the mood for decluttering 🙂

The main hallway was filled with shoes, coats, buggies, bags & an alternator to a car scrapped 3 months ago…..
It was a struggle to get in the house & instantly made me miserable walking in……

So we bought 2 sets of coat hooks, one for me & Jamie & a lower down one for the kids, a shoe rack & a key rack in tge shape of a key….no more toddlers hiding keys in this house!!

The end result……


Taken from the lounge looking towards the door, it looks empty coming in now which is lovely!! 🙂

Organised, tidy & no more tripping over alternators…..

Emma xx


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