Cashback, Car Insurance and a Cuppa!!

Hello!! Emma here…again hehe

So I thought I would share my bit of money saving for the day, I am on a major cut back attempt with our household bills, saving up for baby number 3 in September….so today’s task…Car Insurance!!

For many years now I have trawled through compare sites for car insurance, I am a sucker for deals and bargains as you all know so I want to make sure I get the best price 🙂 I enjoy lounging around in my pj’s cuppa in hand with a few biscuits saving money!! This time though before checking any of my quotes I went through TOPCASHBACK first……..

I have been through so many cars in the past few years, changed addresses over & over…so at the moment the insurance on my car is £60 a month…its only a T Reg Fiesta (Retro I know…also not big enough for 3 kids….) but due to fees they have added for adjustments its gone up…oh and I turned 25 this year (woop woop…hang on…I’m 26 in July…urgh!!) as well as getting my 4th year no claims!!

So Firstly to Topcashback….go through Go Compare and earn my first £2.22……so not a massive amount of money but enough for 3 packs of johnsons wipes with a few pennies back…..and added all my details….my insurance results pop up on the screen and…….WOOHOO!! £30 a month!! That’s an extra £30 a month I will have towards bills, debts & baby stuff… for

Again going through Topcashback gives me £2.32 in cashback….(maybe I could get a nappies with that along with a pampers £1 coupon….) Same prices pop up which means for the 1st time I will have fully comp insurance…and be saving £30 a month…and I got my few quid cashback just for checking 🙂

A quick search of Topcashback also shows I will get an extra £35.35 for going through them to get my car insurance quote…..not bad for a few extra clicks eh 🙂


and there is the beautiful Frankie Fiesta…..with some pretty impressive parking done by me….haha! Thankfully the pink steering wheel cover didn’t add anything onto my quote 😉 Although even the guy at the recycling centre asked if I wanted it removed last week…..

Next challenge…reducing my sky bill!!

Emma xx


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