Banoffee Pie…..Yes please!!

Hello!! Emma Here…..

Every now & again I have this sudden urge to bake something sweet,.Jamie (my bloke!) has the biggest appetite, one of those annoying guys who could eat en tire chocolate gateaux to himself and not put on a pound…where as I only have to look at it and my clothes feel tighter….so what do I do in these situations….message Kayley….hehe

So one day she messages me about a very yummy recipe she found online for a Clasic Banoffee pie, I love trying out new recipes and am always on the hunt for new ideas and recipes to add to my collection…reviewing food is the best as it means you have to eat yummy things first 🙂

The recipe she found was this one- Classic Banoffee Pie (however there is an even easier version of it HERE if your feeling extra lazy or have last minute visitors etc hehe)

I have many old recipe books that involve time consuming ideas such as putting a tin of condensed milk in a saucepan of water to boil for 2 hours….this one is so much easier!!


Hungry yet? Hehe Well thankfully this recipe is very easy to make so you will be devouring it in no time 🙂 A few ingredients are needed, more so for the Classic pie as you make your own yummy sticky filling with the Condensed Milk, Butter & Sugar….of course if you buy the ready made  Carnation Caramel you just add it without the heating/cooling of making your own!! Fantastic for last minute visitors, invites to get-togethers where you were asked to take something with you but completely forgot and don’t want to take something shop bought…yes we have all been there!! No-one needs to know it only took you 10 minutes to chuck together…..

The link has an easy link to print the instructions too, fab for adding to your own recipe books.


So…the final verdict on this recipe….its fool proof…honestly!! Even if you are not brave enough to boil the caramel yourself, which was surprisingly easy…you can’t go wrong adding a tin of ready made caramel…unless you drop it…or have a cat…maybe some children who are tall enough to reach the counters…..haha! I added crushed maltesers onto the top of mine rather than chocolate, just for something different & i whisked the bananas into the cream rather than adding them as chunks as Jamie has issues with textures…haha……but it was delicious!!


Yummy!!  Works out very cheap per portion..its says feeds 12…but we managed it between 2 of us over a couple of nights 🙂 Carnation condensed milk is often on offer for £1 in supermarkets and the ready made Caramel saves you buying the sugar if you don’t have any 🙂


One happy boyfriend!! Looking forward to trying out some of the other recipes from the website soon….Mini Banoffee Pies Maybe?! Banoffee Cheesecake?!….One things sure…We will upload photos and reviews as soon as its made…and eaten!!

Emma xx


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