Ashton’s 1st Birthday – Iggle Piggle Cake

Hello!! Emma here…

So I thought I would blog about the awesome Iggle Piggle cake I made for Ashton’s 1st birthday! It was in march, before Deryn’s frozen cake but it was the 1st cake I had done myself too šŸ™‚ Ashton loves In the night garden, like many 1yr olds so we had a little family party in my home for him. We bought 1st birthday decorations on ebay and I searched for a cake tutorial to help me….and found this one…

Iggle Piggle Cake TutorialĀ by Strawberry Lane Cake Company.

Her tutorial is amazing!! Step by Step photos of how to make the sponge & decorate as well as a template. I printed the complete tutorial out, My PC is in a different room and I didn’t want to keep going back & for checking what to do next & i’m old fashioned, I like recipe books šŸ™‚ So as with all my birthday cakes…I went to my mum for the sponge šŸ™‚ Once made I brought them home & followed the now printed tutorial.

The template can be downloaded free from the cbeebies website, search iggle piggle card and it comes up, I made my cake slightly larger than the one in the tutorial. It took quite a few hours but being my 1st experience trying to roll & lay the icing over the cake I was expecting it šŸ™‚

Many hours later, and a lot of photos to Kayley later….he was ready šŸ™‚


My daughter, then 2 got very excited about the Iggle Piggle cake & knew it was him straight away so I must have done well šŸ™‚

We prepared a small buffet for the family….


and put the cake pride of place on the table šŸ™‚

Now what to make for his 2nd birthday……hehe

If you need any help, tips, etc please email us šŸ™‚

Emma xx




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