20 Day Home Challenge Intro

Hello! Emma Here…

So my latest idea was to sort my 3 bed flat our properly, tidy, declutter & organise. Little history about me…I have moved over 20 times, thats a lot of packing, unpacking & moving junk around, over the years I have accumulated a LOT of stuff, mostly junk, things of the  kids and sentimental things.  My dad was a bit of a hoarder…well..if you call a guy with 6 sheds, each with at least 4 of each thing in them hoarding, mostly from bootsales…we like bargains here!! . Sadly he was killed in a car crash just days before Christmas in 2011, I was suffering with PND, my daughter was only 7 months old and I was 200 miles from home. I can honestly say now my world collapsed around me., From then i began hoarding items that I couldn’t bare to lose, anything with sentimental value, including my dads items, my childrens, anything that reminded me of my childhood.  Recently I became depressed again and the state of my flat is making ti worse, my amazing boyfriend has stood by me and is helping me to clear out items we no longer need, nothing will bring my dad back, keeping a whole room full of items isn’t helping me, its just leaving us a room short for the kids.

So I searched online and found this….The Organised Housewife – Back in 2012 she start a 20 Days to oragnise & clean your home challenge. Each weekday you are given a new room/area to concentrate on, these can be done in your spare time…if you have any 🙂 I choose to do mine once the kids are in bed and im alone whilst Jamie is at work. Sadly the free downloads she added are no longer available to be downloaded…so I made my own! Copying & Pasting the headers from each day on her website and adding the text she had included for each day. There are pre-challenges which involved buying and preparing your folder & cleaning items…..heres my folder….


Lovely slippers eh? hehe


Each day I will upload photos of the days tasks and my before/after photos. In 20 days time…(not including weekends as they are family time) I am hoping to have a lovely tidy, clean, decluttered home for us all 🙂 Here’s my attempt as being the perfect housewife…

Emma xx


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